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Paradise Farms carries 3 Angus Programs, Certified by the CBGA. Selection for the programs, Paradise Angus Beef, Paradise Premium Angus, and Paradise Signature Angus, is a 4 step Process. To qualify for the brands, cattle must meet the following criteria:

Step 1: Farm Management – Cattle must be fed and finished in Ontario by an Ontario Farmer. All cattle must be identified and be traceable to birthing farm. Farms must practice animal and food safety operating procedures. Cattle are fed pasture / forages and finished on a corn ration. Cattle have never been fed animal by-products and never medicated feed.

Step 2: Abattoir Management – Abattoir and meat processor must be a federally registered plant, process under HACCP protocols, and all product must be traceable from Farm to distributor.

Step 3: Live Animal Specifications – Only cattle that are Phenotypic of blank Angus cattle and hide must be at least 51% solid black. Cattle genotype must be approved by the Canadian Angus Association. Brahman or breeds with greater than 50% dairy influence are excluded. Cattle must be steers or heifers and less than 30 months old.

Step 4: Carcass Specifications – Carcasses are assessed by a third party grader, The Canadian Beef Grading Agency. Carcasses are assessed based on the following characteristics:

  • Yield Grades – Canada 1, 2 and 3
  • Composition - Must meet Canada A requirements or higher for lean and fat with no internal hemorrhages
  • Muscling – Good to excellent as defined by Canadian Beef Grading Agency

The cattle that meet the above criteria are then Branded based on Marbling:
PARADISE ANGUS - Certified by the CBGA Canada AA or higher
PARADISE PREMIUM ANGUS - Certified by the CBGA Canada AAA or higher
PARADISE SIGNATURE ANGUS - Certified by the CBGA Canada Prime or higher

Beef Cut Bones
Beef Eye round
Beef Heel Meat
Beef Hind Shank Center Cut
Beef Inside Round
Beef Knuckle
Beef Long Cut Marrow Bones
Beef Outside Flat
Beef Top Butts
Beef Tri Tip
Beef Flap Meat
Beef Loin Pectoral
Beef Striploin 6.5kg & Down
Beef Striploin 6.5kg & Up
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Top Butts
Beef Double Porterhouse Steak
Beef Filet Mignon
Beef Filet Mignon Bacon Wrapped
Beef Porterhouse Steak
Beef Striploin Steak Center Cut
Beef Striploin Steak End to End
Beef Striploin Steak Ends
Beef T- Bone Steak
Beef Wing Steak
Beef 3-Bone Short Rib
Beef Back Rib
Beef Cap Meat
Beef Capless Rib
Beef Rib Eye 0x0
Beef Rib Eye Steak 0x0
Beef Rib Eye Steak 2x2 Lip on
Beef Rib Steak Bone In
Beef 4 Bone Chuck Rib
Beef Blade
Beef Chuck Pectoral
Beef Chuck Tender
Beef Clod
Beef Flat Iron
Beef Shoulder Shank Boneless
Beef Front Shank
Beef Point
Beef Flanken
Beef Inside Skirt Steak
Beef Outside Skirt Steak
Beef Cod Fat
Beef Flank Boneless
Beef Flank Steak


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